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We help children to find their way out of poverty and to develop into self-determined adults -
but that cannot be done without our team of employees, volunteers and partners.


When you sponsor a child, your family grows a little larger.

Child sponsorships are a central pillar in our fundraising efforts and our success relies heavily on this program.
You can help to create sustainable change; A gift of 1.600 Euros annually helps to transform a child’s life as it finances one place in our children's village. Your donation goes a long way and ensures that a child can be fed, housed and cared for, receives medical treatment as well as an education. 

A donation of 390 Euro annually helps us to support one child in our street children program. Each child receives a warm meal daily in our program where the child is well looked after during the afternoon, and receives learning support to ensure he/ she can finish school. This child has a chance to break the cycle of poverty and does not need to spend the afternoon looking for recyclable material in the dump.  

Help us to reach the most vulnerable of children in Cambodia.
You can also finance a partial amount of our annual fees - each according to his/her possibilities - we are happy about every contribution!

Donations for our children's village 
  • 1.600 Euros support one child for one year in our childrens' village
  • ​133 Euros support one child for one month in our childrens' village
  • ​every amount you can donate is welcome!
Donations for the street children program
  • 390 Euros support one child for one year in our street children program
  • ​33 Euros support one child for one month in our street children program
  • ​every amount you can donate is welcome!

By sponsoring a child you can provide aid in a sustainable way  

  • Taking over the sponsorship of a child in need means that you gift a child with a caring home in the village of Kinderhilfe Kambodscha and/or a place in our street children program

  • Your monthly contribution flows to the village and/or our street children program in Cambodia in its entirety

  • You provide aid in the development of the local community and pave the way for a brighter future in Cambodia

  • Sponsorships are not only a sustainable way to provide support but also a chance for you to form a bond with a child, its community and a developing country  

This is what sponsors of Kinderhilfe Cambodia can expect

  • You will receive regular updates on the developments and projects happening in our village and the street children program in Cambodia

  • We promise to use the funds received in the most mindful way and we promise that your sponsorship be directed to support our children in the village only

  • You will receive a donation receipt from us that you can use for tax purposes

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