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Since 2003 are we providing hundreds of street children in Cambodia with a stable home, access to education and healthcare in our children's village.

With a monthly contribution of 133 Euros, you will help pay for a child's basic needs in our children's village  - for food and clothing, education, medical care, transportation to school and more.
A gift of 33 Euros per month will ensure that one child can attend the our street children program,  where it will receive a warm meal, additional learning support and care.
As part of these sponsorship programs, you will receive a detailed report about life and developments in our Kinderhilfe Kambodscha village and our street children program, so that you can better understand the daily life there.

One-off donations - in the amount of your choice - are of course very welcome!

And we are also happy about companies and organizations that support us in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility. This can take various forms - from individual sponsorships for our children, to projects in the children's village (such as supporting fish farming, vegetable farming, or the maintenance and renovation of our buildings).

Donations for our children's village
  • 1.600 Euros support one child for one year in our childrens' village
  • ​133 Euros support one child for one month in our childrens' village
  • ​every amount you can donate is welcome!
Donations for our 
Street Children Program
  • 390 Euros support one child for one year in our street children program
  • ​33 Euros support one child for one month in our street children program
  • ​every amount you can donate is welcome!

Please klick the donation button in order to help the children at Kinderhilfe Kambodscha Aachen e.V. 

Or kindly use the following bank account:

Kinderhilfe Kambodscha e.V.

Deutsche Bank Aachen

IBAN: DE83 3907 0024 0199 5885 00


Thank you very much!


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