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Her Excellency Kim Simmady paid a visit to the children's village on May 21, 2022. She works at the Council for the Development of Cambodia, to which we also send our reports on a regular basis. Before the pandemic, Miss Simmady used to visit the children's village quite frequently. Her Excellency Kim has been thinking a lot about the KKEV orphanage since the COVID situation in Cambodia has improved. Hence, Simmady decided to pay a visit to the village where our children live.

She came to the center around 8:30 a.m. and departed about 11:00 a.m. She spoke with the students and encouraged them to work hard in school to secure a good future, and she also brought us donations in the form of notebooks, Khmer textbooks, pencils, pens, rice, food, Covid-19 wine, bread, and cakes. She was also kind enough to hand the kids some pocket money. Her Excellency Kim Simmady concluded her highly appreciated visit at our children’s village with a final tour around the center.



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