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At the end of March 2022, we pumped our fish pond. We pumped two fish ponds and collected 1213.9 kg of fish in total. We prepared some nutritious food for our children, as well as producing 400 kilograms of fermented salmon. This fermented fish can be stored and served to our children for a long period.


We used to buy fish from the market to create fermented fish, but we have had our own fish for the past two years. We have turned the ponds around the center into fish ponds, and purchased small fish which were released into these ponds. In order to keep costs as low as possible and to create a self-sufficient ecosystem, we tend not to feed the fish but leave them to themselves in the pond in order to obtain nutritious and healthy fish for our children. 

However, we did also purchase feed and collected kitchen waste for the fish to consume. We spent about a year collecting them this way. This is a good self-production project as we are seeing that it generates a great source of income.



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