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Logo design inspiration


Our main focus will always be the children that we are entrusted to look after in our village. It was time to create a new logo that better reflects this focus of our two sister NGOs in Germany and Cambodia.

To listen to one another, to show respect and to learn from each other are values that are of utmost importance to the teams of Kinderhilfe Kambodscha in both Germany and Cambodia and we hence got the children in our village involved and asked them to participate in the design process of the new logo. 

Many children chose to participate in a drawing competition and their entries indeed did influence and inspire our logo design process: the two central themes that we saw again and again in the children’s drawings were community and protection.

Further topics have been prevalent and as we are thrilled with both, the artistic talent of our children, as well as the empathy that the children's artwork showcase, we would like to show selected logo ideas here and offer a commentary on these.

Logo DEsign Kid KKEV 1

Poverty and family crisis


This logo was created by a x- year old child and it portrays an array of family and socio-economic emergencies that children in our village have experienced at their young ages already.
The child artist touches upon its own past and shows empathy towards past experiences that its friends have endured. The topics of domestic violence, HIV- disease and its implications, poverty and becoming an orphan or half-orphan can be found in the artwork.

Logo design Kid KKEV

Education and  Community

It is touching to see the two topics of education and community reflected throughout many of the artworks of our children. Like here, some children creatively managed to convey a feeling of connectedness towards their peers living in the village, our NGO as well as their home country Cambodia and Germany, where Kinderhilfe Kambodscha has its second location.

Logo Design Kid KKEV 3

Hopes for the future


This artwork portrays the hopes and dreams that our children harbour. As the children that are entrusted to us in the village of our NGO have the opportunity to grow up protected in a stable environment and to receive an education they have good prospects for an equally stable future.
The topic of education and various job aspirations stand symbolic for the hope to be able to create a better life far away from poverty and being a former street child. 

Logo Design Kid KKEV 4

Tomorrow's leaders


This logo design depicts the hopes for an university education and reflects upon the community in our village. Thanks to your help and financial contributions, our teams in Cambodia and Germany can ensure that the orphans, half-orphans and children rescued from socio-economic crises not only receive a school education but can possibly even go on to fulfill higher educational aspirations and to break the cycle of poverty once and for all.


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