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We would like to introduce PHUN BORA, wo spent a large part of his childhood in the village of Kinderhilfe Kambodscha - together with three of his siblings. The four of them experienced domestic violence and malnutrition at home and finally found a peaceful home at our village. 
Today, Bora is a successful Marketing Designer and lives a happy and independent life. 

A long path away from domestic violence and towards a creative profession

PHUN BORA was born in the summer of 1995 in the Modulkiri Provinz as the third of six children. His father worked as a security guard and struggled to support the large family and the situation worsened for Bora's mother and the children with the father's increased alcohol consumption. His young childhood was often dominated by domestic violence and hunger. Eventually the local authorities stepped in when Bora was 15 years old.  

His family's situation was considered to be so dire that the four youngest siblings found safety and a peaceful home in our village on the 9th of June 2010. Despite coming to us in his teenage years, Bora easily transitioned to life at our village and worked hard in school. After finishing school in year 9, he started a vocational training program with Don Bosco and decided to train in graphic design and printing. During his training and apprenticeship he continued to live at our village. Bora got offered a full time position after finishing his training and left Kinderhilfe Kambodscha's village in 2015. Since then he worked at a number of companies and got promoted to the position of Marketing Designer by now.

Bora likes to visit his surrogate family at our village in his free time, which has become more difficult recently due to Covid-19 contact restrictions. We are so happy to see our children thrive in their work and private life and turn their lifes into success stories like this one!

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