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Employees consider social corporate responsibility to be of growing importance.

Corporate social responsibility is finding prioritisation in companies, when it comes to creating an environment to retain good and motivated employees. Kinderhilfe Kambodscha is a good partner for your company to get involved and to support a very worthy cause!
We usually have projects - large or small - that benefit from corporate partnerships. Particularelt when it comes to larger repair and upkeep works necessary at our village, enhancement projects, which require additional financial assistance in the for of corporate sponsorship or other assistance. 
Another area, where we are grateful for your companie's support is  if you would like to get involved in our vocational training. 

Please contact us, if you are interested to become a partner of Kinderhilfe Kambodscha and if you want to learn more about corporate social responsibility opportunities in our NGO here ! 

Social Corporate Responsibility opportunities

  • You can choose a project that your company wants to get involved in and sponsor to make a change in the lives of our children and we can together define the scope of your involvement

  • Your financial contribution flows to the village in Cambodia in its entirety

  • You aid the development of the local community and pave a way for a brighter future in Cambodia 


This is what corporate partners of Kinderhilfe Cambodia can expect:

  • You will receive regular updates on your project, as well as other developments and projects happening in our village that you can use in your internal and external PR and HR strategies and communications 

  • Your funds will be directed in our village as per your request and we will use any funds received in the most mindful way

  • DO GOOD AND TALK ABOUT IT! We help you to ensure that your social engagement will be seen and  heard. We will provide you with material that can help you to achieve your PR and HR goals whilst you can rest assured that your contributions actually create change for the better in the lives of street children in Cambodia 

  • Your company will receive a donation receipt that you can use for tax purposes

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